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Queens Concrete Resurfacing Services

The conventional approach to old, cracked and discolored concrete was to remove and replace the whole surface. However, the remove and replace method is both time-consuming and expensive, which doesn’t exactly make it such an attractive option for Queens home and business owners, especially when the there is nothing structurally wrong with the concrete.

Luckily, there is an alternative to the old remove and replace method. 911 Homesavers LLC can resurface your aging concrete and make it look brand new. For a free quote on our concrete resurfacing services, call (718) 812-9042 today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert contractors.

The Process of Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete is one of the strongest and longest lasting materials known to man, but it doesn’t last forever. After being exposed to the elements, traffic and general wear and tear, your concrete can start to show its age.

These are the steps we take to make the concrete on your Queens property gorgeous again.

Cleaning. Every resurfacing job begins with a power washer to remove all the dirt and grime so that there is nothing contaminating the new layer from underneath.

Repairing the cracks. To even out the surface, any cracks are primed, reinforced and covered with a polymer for an even, beautiful surface.

Repairing the holes. Just as the cracks have been filled in to make sure that the new surface is smooth and even, any holes are filled with an epoxy mortar.

Covering the surface. After all the necessary repairs have been made, the surface is primed and covered with a spray-on polymer concrete, which is then finished with a trowel.

Coloring and sealing. Decorative coloring is applied as per your request and a coat of sealant is added to protect the new surface from the elements.

Curing. For the next 48-72 hours, the concrete surface that we have resurfaced cannot be used. If it is, it can ruin the progress we have made and we’ll have to start over.

Though the concrete resurfacing may sound complicated, 911 Homesavers LLC’s contractors have an extensive amount of experience resurfacing concrete and we can guarantee that this is the fastest and most affordable way to make your concrete look stunning once again. For a free quote on how much it will cost to resurface your concrete, call us today at (718) 812-9042.

Stamped Concrete

Chances are if you are thinking about getting your concrete resurfaced, you care about how it looks. If you are already planning to get rid of cracks, holes and other blemishes, you might want to consider your stamped concrete options to add even more esthetic value to your concrete.

Stamped concrete is concrete that replicates stones, tiles, bricks and even wood. It is widely used on pool decks, driveways, courtyards and patios, but we are open to other applications.

If you would like an expert’s advice on the different designs, colors and textures that might be available to you, we are only a phone call away.